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To My Coach

Coach had an electricity that he gave to each of the newcomers. The charisma and bright lights beamed an energy through us, night one was crisp. When I look back to those first couple of weeks, we could have been doing any exercise and Barbell Club would take priority for me. The repetition of empty bars was made fun because of Coach’s passion in the sport of weightlifting, his stories and depth of knowledge. A lunatic who spoke his mind, we did not know what was going to happen next, nobody nor weight were safe.

When going through plateaus, aches and pains, late night practices without training partners, or going through the motions in training, reminding myself of the feelings of excitement, adrenaline and laughter fills me with new energy.
When you “play” weightlifting and let emotion run free on the platform, you will be your best Weightlifter. If you lose the joy in it, remember to be grateful for your health, for your training partners, for your Coach, and make sure they know you appreciate them. Impress your coach but more importantly impress yourself. Keep these feelings you had as a raw beginner close to you, be curious to improve, figure out how you operate and chase the addiction. If your lifting or coaching can inspire a new lifter in the sport and help them realise what they can be then what a great thing that is.

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