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“PB today on both lifts. 38kg SN and 58kg CJ. Can’t believe the difference in how these feel in just a few weeks. Plus 8kg jump on both. Amazing. Thanks Sam.” Cris Cuthbertson.

“I completed Isabel (30 Snatches) this morning. Did it at 35kg, finished in 7mins 45sec. Big improvement on last time for 35kg when I only completed 28 reps in 15mins.” Rachel Ross.

“Pretty happy PB my Clean by 5kg today for 3 reps at 42.5kg. Thanks for all your help.” Leanne Lakey.

“Growl Weightlifting has been awesome for learning the Olympic lifts, the coaching of the required skills is first class.” Justin Hargreaves.

“Working with Growl Weightlifting has allowed me to keep the PRs coming and tighten up on technique. Would recommend to anyone!” James Cozens.

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