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No Thought

I leave my weight plates out – no one will steal them because no one wants to lift and inflict self-harm. No one in their right mind imposes heavy weights on themselves. That’s why you need to be in your wrong mind. Anyway if someone steals them I will cut their balls off and use them as dice.
All you have to do is be stronger than your next lift. Strive to make your lead up attempts more and more convincing so you are tougher at new weights. You can scrutinise every lift finding something new to fix but that is called thinking and doesn’t help you be instinctual. Every bar is a new bar, coach does the loading and you do the lifting, who cares what’s on the bar, not me. I just rock myself to sleep with all these reps, I’m in a lullaby.
One more thing, can we get some god damned money in Weightlifting already?! Other sports are pissing on us.
Here we are in an extreme sport carrying injuries, working as hard as anyone and there is 3 grand prizemoney a year? This is 2018 and we are better than that, can we support Australian athletes please.
Don’t rip yourself off 2018.

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