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You wait in line, is it your day of reckoning or a death march?
Right this way miss/sir, says the hostess/host beckoning you onto the sleek aircraft. The engine roars to life like you do on your path to greatness. As you leave the ground gravity pushes your head down. It requires you to accelerate your rate of passion and defend what you are on this planet for, to ascend up and explore new planets. You are now charting at 8000 feet as your unwavering self-belief propels you to reverse engineered targets. You’re on the move up as you trust your gut and your uncle, your coach when you fly through the cloud, in your head you make them proud. They approach you with a victory hug, you are at peace for a moment. The cabin is highly pressurized so don’t scrutinise yourself, what’s in your pocket is not your wealth, your sense of urgency issa commanding presence, it’s an expert landing from turbulence.
You are now on an unknown planet. You are the lighting that shakes people’s reality, unprecedented and causing several fatalities. The lightning illuminates the dark like a shark that picks apart a picnic in the park it barks to signify its dominance then swims below, a hidden prominence.

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