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Regardless of level, background or title, we can all benefit from high level coaching and immediate feedback. Quality coaching is an investment in yourself, you have an authentic experience of the sport, and you speed up your development with world’s best practice.

When learning boxing would you go to an MMA coach or a boxing coach? The same can be said when learning the Snatch & Clean & Jerk, would you learn from a Crossfit coach or Weightlifting coach? The level of coaching gives you the level of results.

Group Coaching: Contact us to coach at your gym or school in a format that suits your business, for example weekly coaching session/s for a 12 week block at an affordable rate.

Seminars for example a 1 or 2 day seminar or coaching upskill workshop, or a week long training camp.

Private Coaching: Options include 1:1 for $60 an hour.

To book seminars or weekly group coaching at your gym contact Sam.

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