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01Aug 18

Help Wanted

The first step is the most important one… Growl tailors to you, so you can enjoy, stay healthy and put up new PRs. Talk to us for your program and coaching options.

17Jan 18

What is your National Ranking?

The above date is like your choice right now. You are the 1. You’re in the middle lane, you can go a new direction to 18 or you can do what has already been done and gone before you in 17.
Chances aren’t given they are taken. By YOU! That means your hard work creates what you want. Practicing alone separates the real from fake. And that’s what it will take a lot of the time. Get a coach that will ride or die with you. Be hell-bent and excited with where you are going. I used to think it’s not about the ranking and the money. But it is. Elite hustle and buy your Mum an expensive treat.
Make it 2018.

09Jan 18

No Thought

I leave my weight plates out – no one will steal them because no one wants to lift and inflict self-harm. No one in their right mind imposes heavy weights on themselves. That’s why you need to be in your wrong mind. Anyway if someone steals them I will cut their balls off and use them as dice.
All you have to do is be stronger than your next lift. Strive to make your lead up attempts more and more convincing so you are tougher at new weights. You can scrutinise every lift finding something new to fix but that is called thinking and doesn’t help you be instinctual. Every bar is a new bar, coach does the loading and you do the lifting, who cares what’s on the bar, not me. I just rock myself to sleep with all these reps, I’m in a lullaby.
One more thing, can we get some god damned money in Weightlifting already?! Other sports are pissing on us.
Here we are in an extreme sport carrying injuries, working as hard as anyone and there is 3 grand prizemoney a year? This is 2018 and we are better than that, can we support Australian athletes please.
Don’t rip yourself off 2018.

05Jan 18

Jerk Block Hotel

My residence is inside the Jerk Block Hotel. Block 1, the biggest, most crowded, cheapest block on ground floor. Jerk Block Hotel is 4 storeys high and like Hotel California, you never leave, you live permanently at training. It takes many lonely trainings to get the concierge “clark” to notice you and take you and your bags up to the next level, Block 2. The chandelier in the lobby taunts you, fame and fortune out of reach. But you know you have all you need, your girl next door, your coffee, straps and WL shoes. These are what you take to your stranded desert island platform. You have just shifted to Block 2. Time is running out before the Grim Reaper taps you on the shoulder and says “No more athletics for you,” and banishes you to a sedentary lifestyle that enrages you just thinking about it. A year has elapsed and for all your reps you have 3kg on your total to show for it. Mr Knee and Mr Shoulder did not let you join the party in 2017 but this year there is a mutual respect. Maybe it’s the unspoken knowing that this quad is your first and last. You caught me somewhere between set 1 and set 10 trying to escape. 3 doubles, 2 triples, how many more doubles? A repetition has a dollar value, some are worth $1, some are worth $1000. Misses can be worth more than makes, and it’s Mr Belief who decides. Mr Belief can take you up to Block 3 later this year if you can check in for 16 weeks straight. You wash and dry the movements alone, apart from the odd neighbour watering their garden, and yours is dead because your sole purpose took you away from them. You hear your neighbours question “Why is he doing that for?” A great question. They will never know. Mr Knee and Mr Shoulder try and fuck up your day when you go above 80%. You reply “I can’t hear you, you fucking pussies”. Up and down the elevator we go, where we stop, Tokyo. The doors of Block 4 will open in 2020. I must stand on the rooftop with the third Clean and Jerk harnessed overhead then throw it off the building as a reminder of the greatness of Australia. Then I will jump off the building satisfied.
Tokyo 2020.

25Dec 17


You wait in line, is it your day of reckoning or a death march?
Right this way miss/sir, says the hostess/host beckoning you onto the sleek aircraft. The engine roars to life like you do on your path to greatness. As you leave the ground gravity pushes your head down. It requires you to accelerate your rate of passion and defend what you are on this planet for, to ascend up and explore new planets. You are now charting at 8000 feet as your unwavering self-belief propels you to reverse engineered targets. You’re on the move up as you trust your gut and your uncle, your coach when you fly through the cloud, in your head you make them proud. They approach you with a victory hug, you are at peace for a moment. The cabin is highly pressurized so don’t scrutinise yourself, what’s in your pocket is not your wealth, your sense of urgency issa commanding presence, it’s an expert landing from turbulence.
You are now on an unknown planet. You are the lighting that shakes people’s reality, unprecedented and causing several fatalities. The lightning illuminates the dark like a shark that picks apart a picnic in the park it barks to signify its dominance then swims below, a hidden prominence.

12Jan 17

To My Coach

Coach had an electricity that he gave to each of the newcomers. The charisma and bright lights beamed an energy through us, night one was crisp. When I look back to those first couple of weeks, we could have been doing any exercise and Barbell Club would take priority for me. The repetition of empty bars was made fun because of Coach’s passion in the sport of weightlifting, his stories and depth of knowledge. A lunatic who spoke his mind, we did not know what was going to happen next, nobody nor weight were safe.

When going through plateaus, aches and pains, late night practices without training partners, or going through the motions in training, reminding myself of the feelings of excitement, adrenaline and laughter fills me with new energy.
When you “play” weightlifting and let emotion run free on the platform, you will be your best Weightlifter. If you lose the joy in it, remember to be grateful for your health, for your training partners, for your Coach, and make sure they know you appreciate them. Impress your coach but more importantly impress yourself. Keep these feelings you had as a raw beginner close to you, be curious to improve, figure out how you operate and chase the addiction. If your lifting or coaching can inspire a new lifter in the sport and help them realise what they can be then what a great thing that is.

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