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No Thought

I leave my weight plates out – no one will steal them because no one wants to lift and inflict self-harm. No one in their right mind imposes heavy weights on themselves. That’s why you need to be in your…

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Jerk Block Hotel

My residence is inside the Jerk Block Hotel. Block 1, the biggest, most crowded, cheapest block on ground floor. Jerk Block Hotel is 4 storeys high and like Hotel California, you never leave, you live permanently at training. It takes…

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You wait in line, is it your day of reckoning or a death march? Right this way miss/sir, says the hostess/host beckoning you onto the sleek aircraft. The engine roars to life like you do on your path to greatness.…

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To My Coach

Coach had an electricity that he gave to each of the newcomers. The charisma and bright lights beamed an energy through us, night one was crisp. When I look back to those first couple of weeks, we could have been…

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