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The Black Panther is one of the rarest animals in the world. Growl Weightlifting is represented by a Black Panther. There are a select few who can rise to the occasion on the competition platform, can you?

Established in March 2017 in Bendigo, a few people with big hearts lifted with us on the asphalt road until we delivered programs in CrossFit Dauntless, CrossFit Anarchy and Bendigo Colosseum. We are still hunting for our permanent location.

Weightlifting is an Olympic sport and has many pathways and benefits including: The ability to experience different parts of the world competing, coaching, officiating and spectating. Also the vast physical and mental attributes needed to conquer the weight and yourself.

Chalk up, Growl, sit into the start position, fasten your hook grip, fill up with air, load your legs, summon all the power you have, break the weight off the floor, Snatch or Clean & Jerk the weight overhead, secure it, then slam it. Add 1kg to the bar and do it again. This is Weightlifting.

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